The Aim of this Project​

The aim of this initiative is to provide an easy-to-understand explanation of the geoscientific impact of brewing water through a geology-based systemization of the diversity of groundwater, not only to industry players such as sake brewers and overseas distributors, but also to local authorities, regional associations and others interested in branding sake based on local resources, to be referenced in the creation of sake brands with high added value. By visualizing the relationship between brewing water and geology, the initiative also aims to contribute an unprecedented scientific terroir perspective to the creation of high value creation and sake branding in wine markets.​

​Details of Implementation in 2020  ​

After selecting ten regions with characteristic geological features in Japan, we procured brewing water from breweries in these areas, of which we analysed the water quality of 283 samples to investigate and systematize the relationship with the local geology. The systematized data and examples of its application is published on our website.​

​To breweries who helped with the project​

The analysis results will be shared separately with each brewery in the middle of March.​

Brewery information will not be made public on the website.