​By systematically clarifying the quality of brewing water in relation to each region’s geology, this project aims to communicate the geochemical meaning of brewing water in a self-explanatory way to both brewers and related parties. The basic scientific documents provided may also provide data to support efforts to register GIs (geographical indications) and create branding rooted in the local areas.​

By rolling this project out to more regions we hope that it may provide scientific evidence to help promote the uniqueness and superiority of Nihonshu, the GI for sake produced in Japan. Plans to expand the scope of this geological study beyond brewing water to the water used in rice cultivation to create a rice-based terroir branding is also in the pipeline.   ​

If you are a brewery, municipality or institution interested in this project, please feel free to contact us.

Our team will help you to use the results of this project to improve the value of your sake brand and your local brand, as ​well as to carry out further research and new initiatives.