5. Hearing in the study area

In this project, we interviewed the following 11 regions and investigated the actual conditions of sake brewing that utilizes the water in the area. Unfortunately, due to the COVIT-19 disaster, it was not possible to visit the site in some areas and it was an only online hearing, but we were able to feel the locality of each sake brewery first-hand, and we could feel the possibility of geo-branding of sake from the viewpoint of geology and water.

In developing branding promotions from a terroir point of view for each region and brewery, it is necessary to collect more detailed data. In the future, when such efforts are carried out and the results are clarified, we hope to publish it on this site.

<Hearing Area>

  1. Akita
  2. Yamagata and Miyagi
  3. Fukushima
  4. Ibaraki
  5. Nagano, Niigata
  6. Gifu, Toyama
  7. Ishikawa, Fukui
  8. Fushimi, Katano, Nada
  9. Hiroshima
  10. Kochi, Ehime, Yamaguchi
  11. Fukuoka, Saga